In the Nature Reserve, courtesy of J-B Dubois

It is impressive to see an emergent forest tree. Its beauty is beyond words and its power is beyond measure. Imagine a forest of such trees...

There is a kind of dream in life, to grow trees and to help trees grow, for one sees in a young tree the beauty of a mature one. The impact of this dream can create a forest.

Yourantai  悠然台            


WHERE the Himalayas meet Indochina's tropical forests, the mighty Mekong River works its southern path across the great hills and valleys of Xishuangbanna.
WHILE much of the land is now covered with rubber and other plantations, large nature reserves remain, which still harbour the highest biodiversity in China. Splendid are also the Dai villages' sacred forests with their giant trees .
IN these remote forests, live amazing birds, fabulous insect life, happy monkeys and the last wild elephant population of China.
AROUND the towns, a large number of nurseries take advantage of good soil and water to grow a spectacular array of flowers, palms, ferns, ornamental climbers and trees...
IN higher hills, traditional Pu'er tea gardens harmoniously mix old Camelia sinensis trees with thin forest. They produce one of the very best tea in the country. 

Old tea plantation in the forest

Giant ficus tree

At home, Yourantai’s incipient lush forest is yours to enjoy, with its amazing crowd of butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, giant moths, wild bananas, gingers, ficus trees, ferns and bamboos, wild orchids, frangipani, papaya, cycas, you name it!  Future giant dipterocarp trees also grow here, including Parashorea sinensis (Wang Tian Shu), the tallest species in China!"