Yourantai is in Jinghong (JHG), 
the capital of Xishuangbanna,  the southernmost part of Yunnan.  
It is the first property upstream on the south side of the Mekong River.  One needs only 10 minutes by taxi to /from downtown (it is also possible to walk).  We are located about 20  minutes by car from the airport.

For information you are welcome to contact us at:
+86 1388 793 4096 /+86 1869‭ ‬116‭ ‬2091

Yourantai  悠然台


如何到达 How to get here?

航空 By Air, from:

从北京、上海、广州及其他中国主要城市: 每日数班航班到昆明转机到景洪,也有1-2班“经停”昆明到景洪。

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities in China: Several flights daily to Kunming, and at least one semi-direct flight to Jinghong from Shanghai and Beijing, which stops over at Kunming for 40 minutes.

从曼谷、清迈、香港、河内及其他国际城市: 每周数班航班到昆明转机到景洪。也不定期有航班从老挝郎布拉邦直飞景洪。

Bangkok, Chiangmai, Hongkong, Hanoi: Several international flights WEEKLY to Kunming. From there, there are several flights daily to Jinghong.

从昆明: 每日数航班直飞景洪,飞行时间:50分钟。

Kunming:  Several flights daily to Jinghong. Flying time: 50 minutes.

从丽江、大理及其他云南重要城市: 每日2-3航班直飞景洪,飞行时间:50分钟。

Lingjiang, Dali: 2-3 direct flights daily to JInghong. Flying time: 50 minutes.

By Road, from:

从老挝北部及郎布拉邦:开车约10小时穿越老挝-中国边境(推荐过夜于老挝南塔 The Boat Landing。可以顺道游玩勐腊的望天树森林。

Northern Laos and Luang Prabang: About 10 hours drive by road over the Lao-Chinese border (you can  overnight halfway, in The Boat Landing, Luang Namtha). Do not miss the Wangtianshu forest and canopy walk near Mengla!


Kunming:   About 9 hours drive, or 11 hours by bus.  There are several overnight sleeper buses available daily...

The exact GPS location of Yourantai main gate is : N22.028584, E100.785506 , at an altitude of 620m.