The Palm Villa is one of the most recent creations of the Yourantai architects. It is designed with sensitivity to blend luxury into nature. Together with the old tropical hard wood structure, elements like stone, cast iron and old carved windows, contribute to the refined elegance of this villa.

In the Palm Villa, one enjoys reading in its generous sitting area,  or in a hammock on the balcony, with beautiful view over the Mekong river, or in its private garden. The great king-size+ bed  (put together with two single Heavenly Bed Mattress) is sitting on a wooden platform, made of tropical hard wood, and sheltered by a tent-like mosquito net during the night. It is also possible to separate the two mattresses into two single beds.

On the ground floor of the Palm Villa, guests enjoy an extra spacious bathroom, designed with fantasy and equipped with a unique wooden bathtub AND a "rainforest" shower, both with a view over the tropical garden! 

The Palm Villa experience offers hedonism today and memories for tomorrow..

  1. 2-story wooden house

  2. luxury bathroom with wooden bath tub and view over the garden

  3. private balcony with view over the Mekong

  4. air conditioning at sleeping area

  5. big ‘kang’ platform made of tropical wood, with two single mattresses to be put together as a king-size bed or separated into two single beds

  6. An additional bed is available

Yourantai  悠然台


Serenity  Harmony  Magic  Tranquility  Reflection  

Rooms at Yourantai are designed with care and character

to ensure you an enjoyable and unforgettable stay.  Every room is equipped with:

-terrace/balcony            -down comforter            -tent-like mosquito net             -‘Heavenly bed’ or German mattresses

-private bathroom           -24-hour hot water       -air conditioning                          -internet connection (but no TV!)

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Palm Villa

Old window panel


Living area

Big ‘Kang’

A corner of the interior