Yourantai  悠然台


Serenity  Harmony  Magic  Tranquility  Reflection  

The Dai GuestHouse was Yourantai’s first guesthouse and it's tropical garden has now grown into a little jungle. On three sides, you will see only luxuriant green (and red, and yellow, ...). On one side, across the bamboo curtains, you will still see some of the most expensive real estate villas in Xishuangbanna. But not for long: trees and bamboo grow fast here, faster than anything man-made...  

Constructed in hard wood and pine, this cottage has high pointed ceiling and wooden floor, with old Dai-style wooden stairs to connect with the lower floor. It is also decorated with Dai textiles and furnished with rattan furniture and a ceiling fan.

Dai GuestHouse has its own living area, kitchen, sun deck and open terrace. It’s privacy is ideal for a family of 2-3, or close friends. 

The open kitchen, terrace and private bathroom are located on the lower floor of the cottage and connected with the garden. The terrace is a secluded area perfect for reading, contemplating and taking a nap! Finally, the bathroom, is not only functional, but also charming with a glance into tropical wilderness.

  1. 2-story wooden house

  2. bathroom with shower and a corner of tropical garden

  3. private living area, kitchen and sun-deck

  4. air conditioning

  5. big ‘kang’ platform made of tropical wood, with two single mattresses to be put together as a king-size bed or separated into two single beds

  6. An additional cot is available

Rooms at Yourantai are designed with care and character

to ensure you an enjoyable and unforgettable stay.  Every room is equipped with:

-terrace/balcony            -down comforter            -tent-like mosquito net             -‘Heavenly bed’ or German mattresses

-private bathroom           -24-hour hot water       -internet connection (but no TV!)

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Dai GuestHouse

Deluxe Dai Cottage in the garden

Living area


Private Garden

Secluded bathroom at ground floor

Terrace and view at the kitchen