Yourantai  悠然台


  1. BulletBeautiful short hike in tropical wet forest, with rough and - when raining - slippery path from a Dai village to a waterfall (1 day). Taxi driver or villager can act as a guide. 

  1. Seasons in Jinghong

  2. BulletEarly December to mid February is our cool and dry season. Pack up both warm and light clothing. Weather is foggy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. Temperature can be below 10-degree centigrade in the morning and evening, it gradually climbs up to over 20 degrees during the day. Very good for trekking in forested area.

  3. BulletMarch to mid May is rather dry, mostly sunny and warm. Warm can mean up to 35-degree centigrade in the afternoon in the Yourantai area; nights and morning are usually very enjoyable. End of March-beginning of April is peak blooming season for orchids

  4. BulletJune to September is our warm and rainy season. Rain alternate with sunshine. Everything is green and butterflies abound. Temperature is usually up to 28-31 degrees if there is some rain during the day, but can climb back to 35 if there are several days without rain or clouds.

Sight-seeing, Activities and Seasons...

  1. BulletShopping: minority-woven fabrics and silver jewellery, organic Pu'er tea from old groves, Burma jade, wood carving; tea oil, rose petals extract, etc.. (the latters from Tianzi Biodiversity Research Center, our neighbour); maybe half a day in Jinghong. Combine well with a visit to a "blind" or foot massage center. 

  1. BulletOr just... leisurely enjoy the day reading books, listening to music, sipping wine, watching birds, flowers and butterflies, without leaving Yourantai.

Into Nature

  1. BulletWild elephants valley (fascinating for the study of Chinese tourists... To escape the tourist hordes, one can overnight in very rustic bungalows on concrete posts, hanging above a small river); luck is required to see the elephants but it is a beautiful place (min 24 hours from noon to noon). Trek operators can organize it.

In Towns & Villages

  1. BulletFor kids: inflated "bubble" to "walk on" Peacock lake's water, in Jinghong. One hour, when available.  Lots of fun!

  2. Bullet"Mengbala Naxi" evening show, with dance and acrobatics by ethnic minorities. Tailored made for Chinese tourists. An experience... 

  1. BulletMonkey park (beautiful huge trees and great sunset, quite sad for the monkeys; total 2-3 hours time, close to Jinghong, reached by gondola above the Mekong River)

  2. BulletSlow rafting on the Mekong, possibly down to Ganlanba, or take a cruise down to Thailand (8 hours, one way) !

Note: It is possible to rent small motorcycles but there is no car rental. Renting a taxi for the day will usually set you back 200-300 RMB depending how far you want to go. Drivers do not speak English but we'll be happy to help you.

  1. BulletVisit old tea plantations mixed with forests and small private tea "factory", plus traditional hand-made paper from tree bark, in Menghai area (one full day, possibly with guide)

  1. BulletHot sulphur spring (for winter evening, in Jinghong or Menghai, a bit rough)

Moments of Laziness

  1. BulletTrekking across remote villages of the Bulang minority, forests and tea plantations, in low mountains area (about 1200-1600 m; beautiful experience; needs good fitness condition, sleeping at villagers is rough, no real toilets, duration 1.5  to 5 days). See Friendly Links, requires advance booking of English-speaking guide.

  1. BulletGreat botanical gardens (from a few hours in Jinghong to one day for the huge Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden in Menglun; with a stop in the non-touristic part of the Dai town of Ganlanba.

  1. BulletStrolling in Jinghong: pedestrian way along the River, Manting Park in the morning, Peacock Lake in the evening (people dancing)

  2. BulletDai temples and Burma-style pagodas of all sizes (almost everywhere)

  1. BulletVisit Dai minority village and temples, eat lunch or dinner at a villager’s home, close to Jinghong.

  1. BulletMarkets in villages (colourful minorities, nice woven baskets and plastic utensils... one day) or in Jinghong (great wet & dry market, one-two hour). One better village market is quite far but combine well with a 2-3 days trek in the Bulang hills. 

  1. Bullet   Do gardening in Yourantai (limitless!, any expertise on pruning fruit trees?)

  1. BulletWith a bit of luck, we might even get a Chinese "tuina" (traditional massage) doctor to come and help you unknot... (evening or week-end only).